Budget for Shopping

One of the hardest “lessons of adulting” to learn is budgeting. Budgeting can feel like a drag, but it’s key to knowing where your money is, what it’s doing, and saving towards big audacious goals. On the flip side, a lack of budget is a huge cause of credit card debt. When you don’t knowContinue reading “Budget for Shopping”

ASK A ROADIE – Top 3 Travel Hacks to simplify your trip

I started traveling with tours in 2018. Usually, I travel with the band and other technicians by several 12-person buses, but sometimes we fly. Either way, our showers and facilities for the day are always different and never ideal. When going for just 3-5 days, I recommend traveling light. Camping, traveling often, and minimalist travelContinue reading “ASK A ROADIE – Top 3 Travel Hacks to simplify your trip”